Slacktivist Post: Things To Do Right F’ing Now While You’re Just Sitting There

I have a few more substantial posts in the works, but I am leaving the country today and just wanted to leave a few things here for us all to do:

  1. Look up the last day to register to vote in 2018 – for Louisiana, that seems to put us at October 7th. Set an alert in our calendar to go off a couple weeks before that. What should said alert/event tell you? “Remind all my friends to register to vote.”
  2. Set a similar alarm for November 6th, Election Day. My alarm will say, “Make a Facebook event so that Facebook nags all my friends to vote and WHY.”
  3. Every month, find 2 politicians, journalists, or other political figures on the other side of the aisle, that you disagree with but respect. Follow them on social media. I think it is important to be very supportive of political adversaries who do and say the right things, even when it goes against their party. This might be tough. So my picks, for now, are:
  4. Set a calendar event/reminder at a regular interval (mine is every other Friday) to call your state’s representatives. People are fired up and taking action right now, but that will be sure to die down. Don’t be part of the “dying down.”
  5. Every month, find three politicians, journalists, or political figures of color (include at least one woman) and follow them on social media. I have followed Kamala Harris (newly elected Senator for California, formerly Cali’s attorney general), Shaun King (a bi-racial activist who is doing great work publicizing racial hate crimes in the wake of Trump’s elections), and Jay Smooth (a “cultural commentator” who speaks very frequently on social issues in his video series, Ill Doctrine).

I am going to be consistently focusing on action. You can find a concise list of all my action items, that I will update frequently. Remember, whenever you can, to use your dollars as your voice.

[updated with links to Facebook pages of Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham]


Author: Melissa

Melissa is an artist and half-architect living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

5 thoughts on “Slacktivist Post: Things To Do Right F’ing Now While You’re Just Sitting There”

    1. Ah, she is a good one. Also, I like that she is a woman of color Republican – an important perspective for us to watch when we want to support women of color.


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