December Update: Diversifying My Social Media

In this post I included an action item to set up a monthly calendar alert to remember to follow 3 people of color and 2 Republicans you respect, even if you disagree with them (basically, possible allies).

This month, POCs I followed:

  • Jennicet Gutiérrez – Latina transgender activist
  • Phoebe Robinson – Black feminist comedienne and author
  • Antonio French – Black candidate for mayor of St. Louis, who gained notoriety for his activism in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown, in the early days of #BlackLivesMatter.

And the difficult one, where I follow people when I disagree with almost everything they say. This month, Republicans I followed:

  • Lisa Murkowski – US Senator from Alaska. She spoke out against Trump during the election and has sided with Democrats in the past, including on such controversial issues as the DREAM act. She has also spoken out against her party for alienating women and showed public support for the Democrats on the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Susan Collins – US Senator from Maine. She broke from her party more than any other GOP Senator during Obama’s first term, and she currently stands against the planned GOP upending of Obamacare (mainly the Medicare components).

You can do your own research and follow who you want, I am mainly just holding myself accountable to you and giving you some ideas. My following someone is not an endorsement of everything they’ve ever said and done.

I use Facebook for almost all my social media-ing, so I try to default to that, but sometimes politicians and activists and authors are more active on Twitter, so I recommend making a Twitter account even if you don’t Tweet, so you can follow them.


Author: Melissa

Melissa is an artist and half-architect living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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