What’s going to kill us all first?

I’m not trying to be sensationalist here. I’m just subjecting you to the musings of the voices in my head. Come, take a journey with me to my dark place.

The problems all stack up; they are huge and monumental and there are tons – TONS of them. Stay focused. Let’s all agree to stay focused. Right? Right. Right??


It seems stupid to fixate on access to birth control when the north pole hit its actual, literal melting point. It’s too late for population control right? At this point, the earth is going to control her own population. It’s already happening. Or, the huge issue of voter suppression – seems pretty ridiculous when Putin might just fucking nuke us before the next round of elections. Or maybe Trump will nuke someone else because of how much of an erection it will give him after someone emasculates him on Twitter. Or is the world economy going to totally crash and thrust us into a post-apocalyptic war zone, where we get raped and killed for food? Maybe it will be a combination of those – and then to add to it, remove all social programs, dismantle free education, jail the press, and make everyone too poor for healthcare with or without Obamacare, and we’ll all die anyway. We’ll kill each other and starve to death and die in childbirth for a child we didn’t mean to have or whatever. Or would Trump’s movement die without the internet?

I’m overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by the idiots. Idiots are going to kill us all.

I’m 31 (born in 1985), and I don’t remember the Cold War. Based on everything I know about the overall emotions surrounding it – and all media and entertainment from that time – it seems like people were scared out of their minds all the time. Reagan, rightly or wrongly, is heralded as a hero for having ended the conflict. The country celebrated when the Berlin Wall fell.

Then why are all these American idiots following Trump in his support of Putin and a nuclear arms race?

Guys, you’re disgracing The Second Coming of Christ, Conservative Hero Ronald Reagan! REAGAN. He is spinning in his grave, I tell you.

Here we see Monica Crowley (who is joining Trump’s administration) last year, visiting what is actually considered a somber tourist attraction, which for thousands of people is a memorial, getting some positive vibes from it.

What an asshole. That’s like going to the Vietnam War Memorial, reading some names, and being like, “war works!”

Obama is taking very necessary measures against Russia to protect what’s left of our Democracy. But we’re left with the distasteful choice of being at risk for violent retaliation, here or abroad (which I honestly think we are), or having let this go, and not only having severely undermined trust in our electoral system, but opening ourselves to the possibility that we may not ever be in control of our leaders again.

The same explanations as usual are all over the place – doesn’t mean what he says, believe this thing he didn’t say rather than that thing he did say, or that Obama is going to be the problem here.

It’s going to be a long four years of blaming Obama for the shit Trump does. He’s already taking credit for things happening before his election. I also fear the mind games that Trump plays and the people who get tricked. It’s alarming. Some of it has to be about a lack of education and critical thinking, but the pervasiveness of fake news is more alarming to me, because it is essentially a modern version of WWII Nazi propaganda. I am aware of the pitfalls of comparing Trump to Hitler, but it doesn’t do us any good to ignore the similarities between how Hitler came to power and how Trump is coming to power. If we are not hyper aware, history will repeat itself. But imagine if this time, Hitler has an instantaneous worldwide audience who can quickly find and coordinate with each other, and nukes. NUKES.

Many of these things were problems before Trump; Republicans were already taking over the country at low levels and dismantling education, disenfranchising minority voters, and controlling women’s bodily autonomy (and ergo, their access to education and wealth). But the damage Trump can do is immense, because he can thwart efforts to slow or reverse climate change (and in order for these efforts to be effective, the US must participate), he can be liberal about war and stupid about diplomacy, and he can mobilize these harmful fascist movements around the world.

So what, then? We’re all just going to die?


I think the best thing we can do, in the immediate future, is just obstruct Trump. He and his cronies are the factor introduced that will speed up our destruction. There are plenty of elected officials who are feeling the things we feel. We need to show them support when they do the right thing – no matter what side of the aisle they are on – because they are in an adversarial environment fighting for us. Republicans and Democrats here are on the front lines. Republicans, especially, are at risk to lose their jobs when they oppose Trump, so we need to show them that we, their constituents, are supporting them.

We also need to turn to our states and cities for support. Know your local elected officials and what they are up to at all times. They are easier to change and have less direct effects, but en masse they can effect national change. Essentially, that is what the Tea Party did – they took over the country through towns and city and county governments, eventually to state governments, and here we are.

And if we die. Well, we tried. Too little, too late. We should have done it earlier. But we tried.

Action Items (for world-ending problems)

  • Call your Senators, who are probably supporting Obama in his sanctions on Russia, and thank them.
  • Support organizations dedicated to nuclear disarmament:
  • Donate to organizations dedicated to preventing climate change, like the Sierra Club (here is NOLA’s chapter). Remember: smaller monthly donations > one large donation.
  • Lobby your local governments to preserve the environment. Even conservative ones are often more receptive because it deals with the issues going on in their backyards.
  • Do your part to fight climate change, and bring as many people as you can in there with you. This is an area where I personally need to improve. Things you can do:
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle (come on, you remember this one!)
      • Buy and consume less shit
      • Reuse the shit you buy and consume
      • Recycle the shit you can’t reuse. Purposefully buy things that come in containers you can recycle.
    • Reduce carbon emissions on your commute by:
      • not driving aggressively
      • carpooling
      • driving gas-efficient, electric, or hybrid cars
      • using mass transit, biking, or walking when possible
      • telecommute when possible
    • Lower your carbon footprint via your eating habits.
    • Plant trees.

Author: Melissa

Melissa is an artist and half-architect living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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