January Update: Diversifying My Social Media

As a reminder, a while back in this post I included an action item to set up a monthly alert to remember to follow 3 activists, politicians, public figures, etc of color and 2 Republicans you view as possible allies (even though you disagree with them). I linked to whichever mode of social media they seem to be most active on.


Full disclosure, I am following more than the people I list here, and I forget to keep track of them. But these are the new ones:

  • Joy Reid – a black broadcast journalist
  • Reverend Dr. William Barber – the leader of the North Carolina NAACP, responsible for leading the “Moral Mondays” grassroots movement (and I think he might be leading us out of our nightmare)
  • Valarie Kaur – I just “discovered” her (Columbus-style) this week. Sikh activist and lawyer of Indian heritage.


Ugh, this one is going to shave years off my life. Reminder: the point is to get diverse viewpoints in front of your face, so find some people across the aisle you respect, knowing that you’re going to disagree with them most of the time. It’s not about showing support for their positions; just seeing them laid out.

I’m running out of them already, so any help here is appreciated…

  • John McCain – repeatedly spoke out against Trump, and really almost lost his election because of it. I hate him because I feel that he has succumbed to Trump, but my bar with Republicans currently in office is so low, I’ll at least latch onto the fact that he tried and that he used to be a moderate. One thing I do appreciate about him is that he makes a point to be transparent about his voting record and a go-getter in the government, and his efforts are usually center-right, rather than fascist-right.
  • Condalleeza Rice – Bush Jr’s former Secretary of State (and first black female SoS). She spoke out against Trump during the election, and has since given vague support. I’m irritated that she seems to be endorsing Rex Tillerson though.

Click here to see December 2016’s follows.

Click here to see November 2016’s follows.



Author: Melissa

Melissa is an artist and half-architect living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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