Keep Strong: Our Efforts Are Making a Difference

I know it’s hard to see. I know we are overwhelmed with fear and anger, and the fact that Republicans in office are not acting in the country’s best interest – especially now, as we experience top notch hypocrisy from the “lock her up” crowd. But we are cracking them.

I apologize for my infrequent posting; I’m caught up in Mardi Gras stuff. It’s both a welcome emotional break and terrifying moment of normalcy for me. But I’m still hearing the news. Keep up the good work, resistors.

Does this investigation of Trump’s mishandling of classified information at Mar-A-Lago have anything to do with Chaffetz’s disastrous town hall last week, in his red, red state? Maybe. But I feel confident in this: if we weren’t paying attention, they would still have Mitch McConnell’s shit-eating grin on their faces while they quietly let Trump destroy us for their own personal gain (photo taken within week of election):


Instead, they are having to make concessions, like how the fate of Obamacare is not so certain to them anymore. The delay buys American citizens a whole other year of healthcare. It’s literally going to save lives for another whole year. Be proud.

We have Republican leaders standing up to Trump, requiring Flynn and Russian ties be investigated. Sure, not that cowardly weasel Chaffetz, but others. Will they try to scapegoat Flynn and pretend it’s isolated to him? Maybe. But they won’t get away with it. Will they pull a Lindsey Graham/John McCain strategy, where they loudly protest and still vote along party lines? Maybe.

Republicans are having to show that they haven’t given Trump a blank slate. Remember those fears we had the days after the election? That they would completely trample us without giving it a second thought? I have no doubt that they excitedly thought the same thing, and they were very, very wrong. They might trample us, but sure as hell, they’re going to be thinking about it twice and hearing about it for years.

Whether Trump is impeached in 6 months or stays in office 8 years, his high profile supporters will have a stain on their careers for a huge majority of American voters. I think they know it. They can no longer employ the strategic move of hiding under Trump’s combover; he is unpopular and they are going to be punished by their supporters if they abandon the President, and punished by the rest of America if they don’t.

Meanwhile, the leaders of our resistance – the creators of Indivisible who’ve outlined our strategy, the organizers of the Women’s March, the leaders of Black Lives Matter – they will go down as heroes if we succeed.

But just when you feel down, think of where we could be right now. Remember the old way, when the government did things, and you yelled about it on Facebook and hoped people turned out to vote for the good guys next time? That way is over. There are so many issues to resist and pay attention to at once – it’s exhausting and we can’t do it all. However, it all ties back to who we elect into office. We resist in the present with our eyes on 2018, and 2020, and so on.

We still have the power. Our rights are being assaulted on every front but we still hold the power. Trump’s team and his ambitious goals are falling apart due to corruption and incompetence, but only because we are demanding scrutiny. If we weren’t, they’d be getting away with everything.


Author: Melissa

Melissa is an artist and half-architect living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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