who am I? what is this?

In response to Diarrheapalooza 2016, I’m angry. I’m incensed. I’m scared, and I’m using this outlet to publish my thoughts, resources, and calls to action. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I am no stranger to using Facebook for these purposes, but I am finding it exhausting to sift through the information, or keep track of it.

The name of the blog – “This Is Not Normal” – is derived from John Oliver’s plea on Sunday, November 13th that we do not let this become normal. We cannot become complacent as our country turns the clocks backward, as marginalized people fear for their lives and their loved ones, as women struggle to maintain control over their own bodies, as the poor (even those who voted Trump) are cast further away from the American dream, as our alliances are broken and our planet dies.

The steering wheel has been handed to a drunk blind man. We better not take our hands off the wheel.

This used to be normal. We will not let it become normal again.

I should have been mobilized before. I was complacent. We were complacent. My white privilege granted me the luxury of cognitive dissonance. Waking up on November 9th, I felt betrayed by everyone: my family, my friends, my coworkers. Why did I not see this? They were going to vote Trump. All along, while they cursed his vile words and feared for the future of their party, they were going to vote Trump, because he offered the cozy embrace of White Supremacy. How was I surprised? In times or turmoil, what is more comfortable than returning to tradition?

Progress is not a given; the people who oppose progress are terrified of it. They believe that safety and happiness are part of a zero sum game; that wealth is scarce; that political correctness (which is just another term for respect) has somehow limited the freedoms they have. They will not hesitate to wield their power to destroy perceived threats; they will not hesitate to perceive all of us as threats.

We want to say history will prove us right; but history is written by winners. History will forever prove the winners right. Our only choice, then, is to win.

I am not a reporter, nor a political expert. I am a reader, and I am only trying to move forward and keep pushing, and I want to bring you with me. Use me as a source of analysis, inspiration, and catharsis; get your news and facts from reputable, unbiased organizations. When I give an opinion or talk about an event, I will always put an unbiased source behind what I am saying. I am serious about truth. Question me when I misinterpret information, overlook something, or forget to back myself up with sources. Call me out if I’m insensitive to those with less privilege than me (people of color, people with disabilities, LGTBQIA people, etc).

My mission is to resist, and to bring as many people as I can with me. I believe that is best achieved by clear, true information and keeping our eyes on the future.

If this blog ever attracts any traffic, debate is welcome, but abuse will be strictly moderated.

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