Now, We Fight: Steps for Taking Immediate Action

It’s time to work! Progressive organizers are providing us with definitive plans. I’ve collected the next steps, as defined by our emerging leaders. I am grateful that we have these people. Being organized and active makes us powerful; make a commitment to participate in whatever you can.

Make a plan – figure out your budget, your schedule, and plan your new activist lifestyle. Unsubscribe from nonsense emails so the ones that matter (like calls to action from progressive organizations) get through to you. The more people you bring with you, the more effective we will be. Make a plan you can realistically stick to. Get excited and stay inspired.

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Marching this weekend?

I’m excited for you! I’ve collected some advice from various sources so you can be safe and prepared.

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Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday (but take action starting MONDAY)

This Wednesday is a big day. It seems that┬áthe Republicans have purposefully over-scheduled in order to keep those of us at home stretched too thin to pay attention. It also has the added effect of stretching the Senators too thin – a few of them sit on committees that have simultaneous hearings.

There’s a Pink Floyd song I always thought belonged in a movie where a bunch of villains are secretly meeting.

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Taking Action in 2017

Instead of losing weight (which you probably won’t do anyway), how about a new New Years’ Resolution? How about committing yourself to effecting true and concrete change in your world?

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December Update: Diversifying My Social Media

In this post I included an action item to set up a monthly calendar alert to remember to follow 3 people of color and 2 Republicans you respect, even if you disagree with them (basically, possible allies).

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Slacktivist Post: Things To Do Right F’ing Now While You’re Just Sitting There

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