Keep Strong: Our Efforts Are Making a Difference

I know it’s hard to see. I know we are overwhelmed with fear and anger, and the fact that Republicans in office are not acting in the country’s best interest – especially now, as we experience top notch hypocrisy from the “lock her up” crowd. But we are cracking them.

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Reflecting and Moving Forward

We are all riding high from the marches this weekend. I could never have predicted how much it would heal me, and how much it would instill Obama-style hope for the future. When we are knocked down – and we will be – we can point to this moment and say, “this is why.” And we will keep trying, knowing our sisters stand behind us.

I know it’s hard to remember, but we were really terrified of John McCain and Sarah Palin. We mobilized, we spoke, we won.

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Maintaining Focus With The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders

My mood, since November 9th, has waffled between screaming rage, crippling anxiety, and a calm, clear-headed anger. The first two are useless. They will rip us to shreds. They will cause us to fatigue and disconnect. We can’t have it. Number three? I’ll have what she’s having.

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Grace in Failure

I write this as I sob my way through Barack Obama’s farewell speech. Don’t misunderstand my headline up there; “failure” is not what I use to describe him. Obama is and will be remembered as one of the best presidents in history, heralded with the likes of Lincoln and FDR. I will always remember hearing him speak live, crying and jumping up and down the night he got elected, watching him sing Amazing Grace, and witnessing this emotional farewell. Barack Obama has been a success by nearly every measure by which you can judge a presidential administration.

“Failure” is what we are going to endure for the next several years, while I nag you all about calling your representatives and bugging your friends to register to vote. The deck is stacked against us and we will fail over and over and over again. What we have to do is become used to failing, and used to resisting through that failure.

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What’s going to kill us all first?

I’m not trying to be sensationalist here. I’m just subjecting you to the musings of the voices in my head. Come, take a journey with me to my dark place.

The problems all stack up; they are huge and monumental and there are tons – TONS of them. Stay focused. Let’s all agree to stay focused. Right? Right. Right??

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Special Christmas Episode: Navigating These Tough Waters

‘Tis the season. ‘Tis the season for giving, family, and peace on earth. ‘Tis, ’tisn’t it?

Holidays can be tough, and while I would always support you standing your ground in difficult situations, you do have to protect yourself emotionally. Before you enter an uncomfortable situation, draw some lines for yourself not to cross, and draw some lines that you won’t let someone else cross. Consider whether you have any allies in the room, or the amount of time you might be stuck in this situation. Unfortunately, you may be the one having to hold your own tongue in order to maintain your own sanity.

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The Electoral College Is Obligated To Save Us

But will they? Doubt it. As we approached the voting day, I have quietly supported efforts to appeal to the electors, but I don’t want to put too much stock in such a long shot. I’m more focused on dealing with a Trump presidency rather than trying to put off accepting it. I do not trust anyone to do the right thing. I do not trust there will be enough “faithless electors.”

Plus, if they do deny Trump the presidency, it’s unlikely they’ll give it to Hillary. It’s more likely it will head to the Republican-held House and they will choose a President for us. It could be Trump, himself. In fact, that’s the most likely outcome. The symbolism of this would be significant. I do think getting Trump and his cronies out of there, even for a different Republican, is a good idea, but it would not award us the opportunity to relax and be assured that the US would continue on as usual. And who’s to say that, bowing to party pressure, the new Republican president wouldn’t just promise to continue on Trump’s path, hire Trump as an adviser, or even just let him whisper in his ear the whole time.

This post is beefy with links and information. I promise, I’m usually fairly charming.

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