Keep Strong: Our Efforts Are Making a Difference

I know it’s hard to see. I know we are overwhelmed with fear and anger, and the fact that Republicans in office are not acting in the country’s best interest – especially now, as we experience top notch hypocrisy from the “lock her up” crowd. But we are cracking them.

I apologize for my infrequent posting; I’m caught up in Mardi Gras stuff. It’s both a welcome emotional break and terrifying moment of normalcy for me. But I’m still hearing the news. Keep up the good work, resistors. Continue reading “Keep Strong: Our Efforts Are Making a Difference”


Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday (but take action starting MONDAY)

This Wednesday is a big day. It seems that the Republicans have purposefully over-scheduled in order to keep those of us at home stretched too thin to pay attention. It also has the added effect of stretching the Senators too thin – a few of them sit on committees that have simultaneous hearings.

There’s a Pink Floyd song I always thought belonged in a movie where a bunch of villains are secretly meeting.

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What’s going to kill us all first?

I’m not trying to be sensationalist here. I’m just subjecting you to the musings of the voices in my head. Come, take a journey with me to my dark place.

The problems all stack up; they are huge and monumental and there are tons – TONS of them. Stay focused. Let’s all agree to stay focused. Right? Right. Right??

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