The Electoral College Is Obligated To Save Us

But will they? Doubt it. As we approached the voting day, I have quietly supported efforts to appeal to the electors, but I don’t want to put too much stock in such a long shot. I’m more focused on dealing with a Trump presidency rather than trying to put off accepting it. I do not trust anyone to do the right thing. I do not trust there will be enough “faithless electors.”

Plus, if they do deny Trump the presidency, it’s unlikely they’ll give it to Hillary. It’s more likely it will head to the Republican-held House and they will choose a President for us. It could be Trump, himself. In fact, that’s the most likely outcome. The symbolism of this would be significant. I do think getting Trump and his cronies out of there, even for a different Republican, is a good idea, but it would not award us the opportunity to relax and be assured that the US would continue on as usual. And who’s to say that, bowing to party pressure, the new Republican president wouldn’t just promise to continue on Trump’s path, hire Trump as an adviser, or even just let him whisper in his ear the whole time.

This post is beefy with links and information. I promise, I’m usually fairly charming.

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A Quick Pick-Me Up

I stumbled across this article from, from a few weeks ago. The headline: “History Suggests The Democrats Won’t Stay In the Wilderness.”

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First Things First: The Senate in 2018

So, about that Senate…

Is it too soon to start obsessing over these races? As long as the fire keeps burning within us, not at all. We need to be thinking of these races early and often; the Republicans have a chance to get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate (60 seats). That is bad fucking news. Along with a majority in the House and President Kumquat in the driver’s seat, that gives the Republicans carte blanche to control the direction of the entire country, including stacking the Supreme Court.

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