White People, Understand MLK Before You Quote Him

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., all things considered, was not much of a friend of whites. I don’t say that to disparage him; quite the contrary. We just did not earn his friendship. He is one of the greatest heroes of the modern era. That makes us, white people, the villain in his harrowing story. We stood, on the whole, in opposition to MLK and everything he stood for. Even those individuals who didn’t were born into the system that made them unequal and reaped advantages.”Good” white people are harder to come by than you’d think. I think we all learned that in November.

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Surprise! A few special elections you can throw money at.

There are a few special elections coming up quick, to fill vacant seats left by state officials who are movin’ on up or retiring. More on that below.

But first, I’ll take a quick moment and acknowledge how important action is. We saw it succeed this week, when House Republicans were pressured to back down (for now) from essentially castrating the independent investigative body that polices the ethical behavior of the members of the house. President-elect Trump, who deserves some credit for it, only really questioned the timing. I do give him credit for publicly calling them out.

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What’s going to kill us all first?

I’m not trying to be sensationalist here. I’m just subjecting you to the musings of the voices in my head. Come, take a journey with me to my dark place.

The problems all stack up; they are huge and monumental and there are tons – TONS of them. Stay focused. Let’s all agree to stay focused. Right? Right. Right??

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December Update: Diversifying My Social Media

In this post I included an action item to set up a monthly calendar alert to remember to follow 3 people of color and 2 Republicans you respect, even if you disagree with them (basically, possible allies).

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How far across the aisle are we expected to reach?

I’ll be frank: I do not understand the ardent Trump supporters, and I think their vision for our country is devastating and destructive, and I do not think we should allow it to come to fruition. We can make arguments that they are misguided by fake news and propaganda, just desperate for job security and a better life, but they have made the decision that their better life will only come with the oppression of others, and that interference from a foreign power in our election is either something not to be worried about or something to just willfully ignore.

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Slacktivist Post: Things To Do Right F’ing Now While You’re Just Sitting There

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Acceptance Isn’t Silence

Durham, NC - 11.09.2016
Durham, NC – 11.09.2016

I am fatigued of people telling upset Americans to be quiet. The irony is incredible; we are to forgive a man – a presidential candidatefor the offensive things he says and does; we are to listen to him, give him the benefit of the doubt, and not take his words at face value, a man who name-calls at 3am on Twitter when he feels slighted. And we, private citizens, are to shut up. Even if we feel targeted, even if we are scared, even if we are grieving – we are to shut up. Continue reading “Acceptance Isn’t Silence”