January Update: Diversifying My Social Media

As a reminder, a while back in this post I included an action item to set up a monthly alert to remember to follow 3 activists, politicians, public figures, etc of color and 2 Republicans you view as possible allies (even though you disagree with them). I linked to whichever mode of social media they seem to be most active on.

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Now, We Fight: Steps for Taking Immediate Action

It’s time to work! Progressive organizers are providing us with definitive plans. I’ve collected the next steps, as defined by our emerging leaders. I am grateful that we have these people. Being organized and active makes us powerful; make a commitment to participate in whatever you can.

Make a plan – figure out your budget, your schedule, and plan your new activist lifestyle. Unsubscribe from nonsense emails so the ones that matter (like calls to action from progressive organizations) get through to you. The more people you bring with you, the more effective we will be. Make a plan you can realistically stick to. Get excited and stay inspired.

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Reflecting and Moving Forward

We are all riding high from the marches this weekend. I could never have predicted how much it would heal me, and how much it would instill Obama-style hope for the future. When we are knocked down – and we will be – we can point to this moment and say, “this is why.” And we will keep trying, knowing our sisters stand behind us.

I know it’s hard to remember, but we were really terrified of John McCain and Sarah Palin. We mobilized, we spoke, we won.

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Maintaining Focus With The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders

My mood, since November 9th, has waffled between screaming rage, crippling anxiety, and a calm, clear-headed anger. The first two are useless. They will rip us to shreds. They will cause us to fatigue and disconnect. We can’t have it. Number three? I’ll have what she’s having.

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White People, Understand MLK Before You Quote Him

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., all things considered, was not much of a friend of whites. I don’t say that to disparage him; quite the contrary. We just did not earn his friendship. He is one of the greatest heroes of the modern era. That makes us, white people, the villain in his harrowing story. We stood, on the whole, in opposition to MLK and everything he stood for. Even those individuals who didn’t were born into the system that made them unequal and reaped advantages.”Good” white people are harder to come by than you’d think. I think we all learned that in November.

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Grace in Failure

I write this as I sob my way through Barack Obama’s farewell speech. Don’t misunderstand my headline up there; “failure” is not what I use to describe him. Obama is and will be remembered as one of the best presidents in history, heralded with the likes of Lincoln and FDR. I will always remember hearing him speak live, crying and jumping up and down the night he got elected, watching him sing Amazing Grace, and witnessing this emotional farewell. Barack Obama has been a success by nearly every measure by which you can judge a presidential administration.

“Failure” is what we are going to endure for the next several years, while I nag you all about calling your representatives and bugging your friends to register to vote. The deck is stacked against us and we will fail over and over and over again. What we have to do is become used to failing, and used to resisting through that failure.

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